About Gordon’s Gourmet

gordonGordon’s Gourmet is the manifestation of a Chef’s interest in new and exciting products, and his motivation to share these products with chefs everywhere. President and CEO Gordon Buchsbaum’s story begins when he was just a child, sitting on his mothers counter observing her cook. He describes her concocting wondrous recipes, and involving him in the process as he got older. At just thirteen he furthered his interest by taking his first part-time job working for a local caterer on the weekends doing prep and helping with parties. This is when he realized that cooking was his calling. By the time he graduated high school, he had maintained a job as a line cook in an upscale American restaurant, and decided he wanted to pursue his calling further. He attended Johnson & Wales in Providence, R.I., a University that specializes in the Culinary Arts and whose alumni consists of several culinary phenomenons, including Gordon Buchsbaum.

After 25 years in the Food-service/Hospitality industry, Buchsbaum established Gordon’s Gourmet in 2011. Throughout his travels and experience, Gordon had accumulated a wealth of knowledge about his trade, and he wanted a way to represent new, unique, and adventurous products.

“I first tasted Caviaroli on a trip to Spain; to have what I believed was the best meal of my life at El Bulli. The risks that Ferran Adrià took with food made me fall in love with being a Chef all over again”. When he returned from his journey to Spain, his journey into molecular gastronomy, a new direction in food, began. Gordon’s interest in Caviaroli led him to to partner with the company and bring this product to The United States, sharing it with anyone who enjoys cooking. Caviaroli is a unique, inspired product that can be utilized in the industry and in the home, taking cooking to a monumentally new plateau. Gordon’s Gourmet will evoke the chef in you, and their products will take you from being objective, to be active in the creation of a truly fantastic meal.

A Chef cares about the food they serve, and the products they use to construct a meal. Choose Gordon’s Gourmet for the best, professionally endorsed products a chef can find.