Marinated Sardines, Olives, Orange and Arbequina Caviaroli

Eduard Xatruch – Restaurant Compartir, Cadaqués. This dish recreates the classic combination of olives, vinegar and sardines. As you can see, this recipe combines the flavours of green and black olives and olive oil. We use Arbequina CAVIAROLI so that we can differentiate between the individual flavours, without it blending into the sauce made from […]

Mussel Spheres in Vinaigrette

Eduard Xatruch – Restaurant Compartir, Cadaqués. As you can see in the photo, CAVIAROLI can achieve surprising results. CAVIAROLI is used in this dish to create spherification with the oil added. Excess fat often hinders this technique, but CAVIAROLI solves this problem. In this recipe we achieve beautifully presented vinaigrette spheres, full of flavour and […]

Anchovies with Black Truffles, Forest Honey and Wild Mushrooms

Eduard Xatruch – Restaurant Compartir, Cadaqués. In this dish, CAVIAROLI is used to dress the main ingredient, anchovies, without blending with the truffle oil, an ingredient used in the sauce. CAVIAROLI allows us to separate the olive oil from the other ingredients, ensuring that it is savoured at the right moment with the desired components […]